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Before long having elegant tea parties was very fashionable.Demand for tea wares grew and soon there were tea services in silver and fine bone china, trays, cake stands, servers, tea caddies, tea strainers, teapots, and tea tables..... Amaretti is the Italian name for macaroons, which means little bitter things.The dry ingredients and liquid ingredients are mixed together separately, then combined and baked.Leavened using a chemical leavening agent (baking powder/soda not Originally a German yeast cake that is also known as Bee Sting.

The Duchess enjoyed her 'taking of tea' so much that she started inviting her friends to join her.

On the menu was a 'pudding pie cake' but it had a chocolate glaze not the powdered sugar topping of the original recipe.

This is the cake we know today and the name 'Boston Cream Pie' is probably a combination of the first 'pudding pie cake' recipe and the fact that Boston is the place where the chocolate glazed version originated.

You may be surprised at how many egg whites are in an angel food cake.

But it really is not surprising given the liberal use of eggs in all cake recipes around the time of its invention (1870).

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